Screen Cleaning

  1. Use STAPLES brand screen cleaning fluid only
  2. Spray once (twice max) onto the screen, from ~1 foot away in order to get large spread
  3. Wipe screen with BLUE microfibre cloth
  4. Wipe until clean & dry; use a second (dry) BLUE microfibre cloth to dry if necessary


Keyboard and Mouse Cleaning

  1. Unplug both the keyboard and mouse (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  2. Use SPRAY NINE brand cleaning fluid only
  3. Spray once onto the GREEN microfibre cloth (NOT onto the keyboard!)
  4. Wipe the mouse and keyboard until clean & dry


Whiteboard Cleaning

  1. Use CERAMA BRYTE brand cleaning fluid only
  2. Use WHITE OR YELLOW microfibre cloth only
  3. Apply the cleaning fluid to the cloth, sparingly
  4. Wipe until clean & dry with a second (dry) WHITE OR YELLOW microfibre cloth.
  5. Apply a mist spray of water on the whiteboard
  6. Wipe until clean & dry like in step 4


Special Notes

  • If encountering sticky residue (eg. from a sticker or tape) on a surface, use GOO GONE branded cleaning fluid combined with an ORANGE microfibre cloth. Use very sparingly, and unplug the device before attempting!
  • If there are 2 people cleaning a lab, please divide the work with one person cleaning screens and the other cleaning keyboards & mice.
  • Please make sure to plug the keyboards back in when you're finished!
  • Please never use Windex on anything.



  • FAAD Master Schedule for this term: Click here to view PDF updated: January 22, 2019
  • FAAD Shared Mac Labs: J310, J316, J318, J323, E207D, S419, HB08
  • Art Fundantals & VCA Mac Labs: A202, C224
  • Illustration Mac Labs: A128, A130, A136, A137