Hardware FAQ

How can I get the best price on a new Mac?

Visit the Sheridan Apple Store. This gives a discount matching or better-than Apple's standard education pricing. Click here for more information. Please note that other options are also available, such as refurbished.


Where can I buy a used Mac?

Here are a few that we know of...
ClickOn Macs
Carbon Computing


Which computer should I get?

This is a complicated question as it depends on numerous factors. Some examples of things to consider include portability (eg. weight  and size), software needed (eg. Photoshop), and budget. Our team is well versed at helping you understand the options that are out there, and this is typically started by sending one of us (or the team) an email.


Can I upgrade my current computer?

Please see our Upgrades and Accessories page


I'm running out of storage space on my Mac, what should I do?

Check various folders in your home folder, such as the Downloads folder -- see if there is anything you can delete (and empty the trash afterward). The largest file sizes are typically (in descending order) seen in video, photo, and then audio. For more information, click here.

An external drive is often a solution for storing files. (As with any files, be sure to maintain a backup!)


I spilled liquid on my computer... what do I do?

This question is answered alongside several tips in our Mobile tab above.


My internet is slow, what can I do to speed it up?

Please visit our Internet Connectivity page


Software FAQ

How do I get software for my courses at Sheridan?

Click here for information on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Click here for information on Microsoft Office.

Click here for information on AppsAnywhere.

Click here for all other software titles.


How can I put Windows-only software on my Mac?

Please see our Windows page


How do I connect to Sheridan servers remotely (eg. from home)?

Please see our VPN page.


Sheridan FAQ

How do I change my Sheridan password?

Please refer to this Sheridan College IT page


Where is my course website?

Most online course pages are found in SLATE.



Answers to many other questions can be found throughout this website of ours, such as our Hardware and Software pages. If you still have any question(s), please contact us directly by emailing mactech@sheridancollege.ca