Mac Lab Cleaning

Epson Large Format Scanners in FAAD Programs

Info about large format scanners found in classrooms at the Trafalgar campus.

Wacom Cintiq Displays in Art Fundamentals

Info about the new displays found in A202 and C224 of the Trafalgar campus.

GREEN Printing at HMC

How to add and use the GREEN queue with your Mac

Adware Problems?

Here's the solution!

JAS Paddle

Engraving a kayak paddle

Sonic Vinyl

Decorating a classroom for the gaming program

Recent Security Alerts

Just some recent security issues to be aware of

Running low on disk space?

Tips to free up some space

Happy Holidays

A Clock Set to 24 hours into the Future (Timelapse Video)

Guide: How to Remove Genieo

Uninstalling Genieo

Guide: Adobe CC for Sheridan Students

How to get Adobe CC

Sheridan's Apple Store

Get discounts even deeper than a plain Educational discount as a Sheridan student or employee!

Spilled liquid on your laptop?

What to do if you have a liquid incident with your laptop...

Emi's probationary period is over!

It's a celebration!

Guide: The New Podium Standard

How to use Sheridan's new podium standard

Guide: Microsoft Office 2011

How to download and install Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

Guide: Adobe CS6

How to download and install Adobe CS6 for Mac.

Mac Pro Turnover - Summer 2013

How to Prepare, Tips for Cleaning, Schedule of Incoming Shipments, and More...
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