What do I do?
Mac Technologist & Instructor
  • Mac lab set-up, maintenance, troubleshooting in the following:
    Labs: AA1B, A202, C224, J316, J318, S419
    Studios: AA3, AA8A+D, AA10, AA16, AA18, AA19A, C221, E111, HB23
    Shared Faculty Offices: A101, A203A
    Learning Commons: Trafalgar, HMC, Davis
  • Mac desktop & laptop repair
  • In-class technical assistance
  • Part-time instructor for CCIT
How can I be contacted?
Where am I?
My desk sits in the MacTech office of C153, next to the learning commons:

Who am I?
Jeremy joined Sheridan in 2008 as a Technologist tasked with aiding the delivery of various courses in the Communication, Culture, and Information Technology (CCIT) program, after graduating from that very program only months prior. In 2012, after having completed a Master of Information (MI) degree, he finally had the time to provide a larger commitment here as a Mac Tech in support of the Bachelor of Design (YSDN) and Web Design programs.

Today, Jeremy oversees several Apple-based computer labs that are shared by a range of programs within the Faculty of Arts, Animation, and Design (FAAD), as well as Apple-based computers used in classrooms belonging to both Art Fundamentals and Industrial Design. This involves setting up workstations, keeping them up to date with both industry standard and bleeding edge software solutions, and troubleshooting issues that both faculty and students encounter in their usage of the facilities.

Jeremy’s passion for digital media production as well as the educational process drives him to also be involved in the delivery of various classes in the University of Toronto affiliated programs of CCIT and Art and Art History. He greatly enjoys having the ability to help students learn both the theoretical and practical sides of producing content for today’s fast paced, ever-evolving landscape of devices and users.

What are my qualifications?
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Degree, University of Toronto
    Major: Communication and Culture and Information Technology (CCIT)
    Major: English
  • Master of Information Degree, University of Toronto
    Master of Information, specializating in Knowledge Management & Information Management
  • Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) Certification
    Mac OS X Troubleshooting & Hardware Repair