This is my second adventure working at Sheridan. I originally was hired in the year 2000 to be the Broadcast Technologist for the ATVF program when the SCAET building opened. My career prior to this had been in Film and Television production in a variety of roles. A couple of years later I moved to be a MacTech and worked at the college until 2008. As a MacTech, I supported several different Arts programs, and wrote some of the software used in the labs and by students.

In 2008 I moved to work for Apple Canada as a Systems Engineer supporting all the Colleges and Universities in Ontario. In this role I helped support Higher Education initiatives and Apple Deployment as well as be the Final Cut Pro X specialist in Canada. I was awarded the Systems Engineer of the Year award in 2013.

In 2015 I left Apple to work for Canon Canada as the Product Strategist for the Cinema EOS line of Cinema Cameras. This was a step related back into my previous career in Film and TV, and I was in charge of the marketing and programs for the Cinema line in Canada. As part of this role, I organized the launch of the C700 cinema camera at the new Canadian Canon corporate headquarters.

Finally, in early 2017, I returned to my role as Mac Technologist at Sheridan College. I always loved my job here, and when an opening arrived, I quickly took the chance to return. I find my job at Sheridan to be very rewarding, and I am constantly inspired by student passion and creativity. I hope I can help make a difference for Sheridan students.

You can reach me at or x8732