Connecting to the VM server


The IXD program at Sheridan has a VMware server providing Centos VMs to students.  If you have been assigned a VM it will be at a hostname similar to

To access it you must first login to the VM with the credentials that were emailed to you and then follow the directions below to access the server.

REQUIRED - install Sheridan's Cisco Anyconnect VPN following the guide at this link:


Accessing the VM

First start the Cisco VPN, if not installed refer to guide above

 If it's your first time accessing the VM, continue on to Resetting your password


Resetting your Password

For Windows

 Step 1

  • From the Start menu, Under "Windows System", select "Command Prompt"

For Mac

 Step 1

  • In the Applications folder under Utilities, start the "Terminal" program


 Step 2

Referring to the email that was sent to you, use the username, hostname and password given there and NOT your access sheridan credentials.

Enter the following on the command prompt:

ssh username@hostname


ssh username@IP

When prompted for a password, use the initial password provided to you in the email.



 Step 3

  • If it is your first time connection from this computer you will get the following fingerprint prompt shown below
  • Type in yes and press enter


 Step 4

You will need to reset your password using the command passwd

  • First issue the command passwd 
  • Use the password given in the email sent to you for the current password
  • Type in your new password at the New password: prompt (Note: your characters will not be shown on the screen when you type them in)
  • Type in your new password again at the Retype new password: prompt


 Step 5


  • Issue the command exit, this will close your connection to the linux VM
  • Issue the ssh username@hostname command again, and test your new password to ensure you can still login.  Record your login and password in a safe place.


  • Email between 10am and 5pm.