General Information


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. One key purpose for using a VPN connection is connecting to devices on another network (eg. a server on campus, from your home). At Sheridan, our VPN usage is typically for that very purpose. To learn more about VPN technology in general, click here.

Cisco makes network-related hardware and software, such as Cisco AnyConnect solution. This is what Sheridan uses for its VPN needs.


Sheridan's VPN: Who has access?

All employees have access to Sheridan's VPN

All students have access to Sheridan's VPN
   (introduced in light of COVID-19 and is subject to change in the future)


Sheridan's VPN: More Information

To learn more about the Sheridan VPN, click here.


How to Connect to Sheridan's VPN

  1. Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN client software:
  1. Enter the server address as:
  2. Use your Sheridan username and password
  3. That's it!