Info about the new displays found in A202 and C224 of the Trafalgar campus.


What is a Wacom Cintiq 22HD?



For lessons on Wacom Cintiq usage: click here

note: as a Sheridan student, you have access to for training. It can always be accessed via this link: 


Many tutorials can also be found on YouTube, such as this one:



To get a Wacom pen, one can be signed out by requesting the faculty member or in-class tech support of each respective room. There are 2 (for the 2 displays) in each of these 2 classrooms. The pen must be returned before you leave the classroom, and your Sheridan onecard will be taken as collateral until you return the pen. You are responsible for the pen while it is signed out with your onecard. The replacement cost for a lost or broken pen is $100.