What to do if you have a liquid incident with your laptop...

Here's what you need to do right away...

  1. Turn it off (hold the power button)
    the sooner you do this, the more likely it is that your machine may be without hardware failure(s)
  2. Bring it to the Mac Tech office of C153 (info)
    we will disassemble it carefully and try to dry it out
  3. Consider bringing an external hard drive 
    we may be able to transfer your data to it -- both as a backup and to allow you to take with you while we hang onto the machine as it dries

Can't make it to C153 right away? (eg. not within office hours)

  1. Keep it powered down and unplugged
  2. Don't power it back up
  3. Don't immerse it in rice (or anything else)
  4. Don't dissassemble it yourself (you may void your warranty or cause damage)
  5. Get to C153 as soon as you can!