How to Prepare, Tips for Cleaning, Schedule of Incoming Shipments, and More...



Sheridan's 2013 Mac Pro Specification Sheet

Two 2.4GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Processors

24GB Memory

1TB Hard Drive

18x SuperDrive

ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5



  • We're going to be turning over the Mac Pros over the next few weeks -- starting Thursday July 18th!
  • We'll be taking shipments of the new machine in waves, in an effort to make things manageable.
  • It will be an "all-hands-on-deck" operation on the days when we receive machines -- please help regardless of what lab the particular machines are going to.
Schedule of Mac Pro shipments arriving on-campus:
(note: these dates are tentative and updating on a daily basis) 
  1. July 18th: Shipment #1 
  2. (more info soon)

Here's what needs to be done in preparation:
  1. Remove the firmware password
  2. Re-image to a stock Mac OS X install (doesn't matter, as long as it runs!)
  3. Cleaned on the outside
  4. Cleaned on the inside
  5. Clean the Apple keyboard and Apple mouse belonging 
  6. Diagnose with ASD (Apple Service Diagnostic)
  7. Print the DAP Lease Return Form once, fill it in accordingly for each machine, tape it to the top side of the Mac Pro
  8. Place a photocopy of that filled-in form ontop, loosely -- so that it is ready to adhere to the outside of the box that we will be placing that given Mac Pro in (we will be repurposing the box that the new machine will ship in)
  9. Ensure that the machines are unlocked on the day of turnover in the lab in question
General Tips:
  1. Need help dusting? Contact us in C153 to book usage of our air compressor if you'd like
  2. Need help cleaning? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works well. The dollar store across the street also sells a no-name equivalent product.