How to get Adobe CC

Step 1 of 2: If Applicable, Remove Adobe CS6 (and any other CS version)

  • click here
  • once you've followed the guide above, please ensure that there is no trace of Adobe software in your Applications folder, as well as your Utilities folder inside your Applications folder (if there is, just delete it by dragging it to the trash can)

Step 2 of 2: Install and Serialize Adobe CC

  • Visit this page from Sheridan IT and click "Getting The Software"
  • Adobe CC Menubar Utility (used to install Adobe CC software titled) download: click here
  • If you're in a UTM-joint program (CCIT / AAH)... Licensing info is here at this link - scroll down and click "participating programs" at the bottom of that page.


  • Come by C153 any time between 10am and 5pm.
  • Information from Sheridan IT: click here
  • If you previously had a CS6 license key from Sheridan, do not fear -- that license is yours forever. Keep a record of it safely and you can always reinstall CS6 again at a later date.
  • Do you have issues with your Sheridan-issued CS6 license expiring by surprise? If so, please visit this page