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Apple Online Store @ Sheridan College 


Equipment Signout

  • WHERE: Sheridan Trafalgar Campus: C109
  • WHEN: Monday - Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm 
  • WHO: Arnold Goodchild
  • POLICIES: 2 business days (eg. pick up monday, must return wednesday)
  • LATE FINES: $10 for 1 day late + $10 per day thereafter. Second late offense is $20 + $10 per day thereafter. Third late offense is $40 + $10 per day thereafter. Fourth late offense is an equipment ban pending discussion with Nathan Mallett (program coordinator).

Canon Video Cameras:

Canon SLR Cameras:

Canon Flashes:

Wireless Audio Kits:

Canon SLR Lenses

  • 18-55mm: Kit lens that comes with every camera
  • 75-300mm: Telefoto lens that must (if needed) be signed out separately