Word Press Installation

Step 1: 

  • To install WordPress, select the Wordpress Toolkit icon from the CPanel Home under the Applications heading

Step 2:

  • Click on Install WordPress to install WordPress into your account. 

  • An installation options screen will appear from the left like below.

  • If you wish WordPress to be located at your URL in a WordPress sub-directory, type WordPress in the "installation path" field.  If you do not specify an installation path, then WordPress will become the new home page of your account. That means you will NOT see the index.html file that you have put into public_html as index.php from WordPress will take precedence.  If you wish have access to your assignment folders and see your own index.html, choose a folder in the installation path field like shown above.



Step 3: 

  • Expand the "Automatic update Settings" section and check on "Yes, all (minor and major) updates".  Slide to on for Plugins updates and Themes updates as shown below.

  • Choose "No, thanks" to installing plugins.  Plugins can be installed later from inside Wordpress.


 Note: By clicking the blue "Setup" link under the thumnail of your wordpress site on this page, you can reset your wordpress admin password.  You also have links to open the wordpress site, and backup the site to file.



  • If you wish to uninstall WordPress and all it's content. There is a ellipsis menu on the right which will allow you to remove the WordPress software from your cPanel account.
  • Note: Before deleting, you must backup your WordPress using the WordPress backup link to have a backup file to download and save onto your computer.

With the default path install of WordPress and if your account was ixd1762, then your site would be accessible at a URL similar to:


If you used the installation path of "wordpress" in Step 2, then your URL would be:


WordPress administration is accessed by adding wp-admin to the path: