Step 2

  • Find the Operating system you are using at home on your home laptop or home desktop
  • Click on the "Go to Downloads" link to the right of the OS client you need
  • For the Mac client download you will need to sign up for a free VMware account before you are allowed to download the client


Step 3

  • Depending on whether you use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari your download process may differ, the downloaded file is found usually in:
    • Windows

You will find the downloaded installer in your downloads directory

    • Mac

  You will find the .dmg has been opened as a folder on your desktop

  • Double click the installer to being the installation, accept the security prompts

 Step 4

  • Click the button "Agree & Install"


Step 5

  • Restart your machine to complete the installation

Step 6

  • Windows - A VMware Horizon icon should have appeared on your desktop
  • Mac - A VMware Horizon icon should have appeared in your Applications folder
  • Double click the icon to start the program

Step 7

  • Click on the "Add Server" button
  • Enter as the Connection Server
  • Click on the Connect button

Step 8

  • Use your Access Sheridan credentials to log-in


Academic or Admin Desktop

  • Choose "Academic Desktop" to access software commonly found in sheridan labs
  • If you are a staff member of Sheridan College, i.e. a co-op student or working in any capacity for Sheridan, you will have a Admin desktop option with elevated privileges that may include the ability to install apps

Not all sheridan software is available or licensed on this platform


Copying Files from your G: Drive (Student Drive) to your Local Drive at Home by sharing

Method 1

  • Click on the Options in the top left corner
  • Click on the Share Folder menu option
  • Here you may allow the virtual desktop to include in it's file explorer (or finder) the local drive of your home computer or USB keys and external drives attached to your home computer


  • Windows - open file explorer, you will see extra drive letters on the remote workstation that correspond to the home folder of your home machine and drive letters for the USB devices plugged into your home machine
  • From here you will be able to drag files to the preferred drives
  • If the local drive access is not available, copy files using your Sheridan Microsoft Onedrive account. To do this follow the guide below


Copying Files from your G: Drive (Student Drive) to your Local Drive at Home by Microsoft Onedrive web access

Method 2


Step 1

  • Open a browser through the VMWare
  • Access your webmail 
  • Open up the side menu of your outlook by clicking on the app menu button on the top left hand corner




  • This will open a side menu which includes all Microsoft products

Step 2

  • Click on OneDrive 
  • Drag any files from your student drive to OneDrive cloud
  • Go back to your computer from home and repeat step 1
  • You can repeat step 2 to do the reverse on your home computer (moving files from local drive to your student drive (G:)
  • Select any files you would like to move to your local drive by simply selecting those files from the One Drive. A radio button will appear as shown below once you place your cursor on it
  • Click the download button on the top menu bar
  • Multiple files will need to be extracted as shown below
  • To extract click on extract here


Copying Files from your G: Drive (Student Drive) to your Local Drive at Home by Microsoft Onedrive app accesss

Method 3

  • To use it directly through your file explorer rather than through a browser, you can download the OneDrive app  
  • Click on Get the OneDrive apps once you access the OneDrive from your browser
  • Click the blue Download button after switching to the Canadian website when prompted
  • Go to File Explorer on your local computer from the VMWare and click on OneDrive which appears on your side menu as shown below
  • You will be prompted to set up your One Drive. Do so by entering your sheridan email you would like it to connect to 
  • You may be prompted to enter your Sheridan credentials to get pass the SOS authentication screen 
  • You will be prompted with a tutorial, keep clicking Next to get past it. 
  • Drag any files you like from either your local computer or from the VMWare to the One Drive from your file explorer