Your faculty member will provide you a login and password to the server 

With this account you will have access to hand in your large video ZIP file:

 First install Cyberduck.  Alternatives for SFTP are Fetch, Filezilla, Mountain Duck.

Ensure all your files and zipped up in one ZIP file than includes your full name and student number in the file.




Uploading files to phoenix with FTP

To upload files to firebird use the following settings in any modern FTP client:

  • Use SFTP not FTP
  • host is
  • use your login id provided by your instructor
  • use your password provided by your instructor
  • always click into handin before uploading files

Here are screenshots from the Cyberduck app installed in the labs:


Click on the "Open Connection" button in the upper left corner of the app

Change the connection type from FTP to SFTP on the first drop down box.  Fill in the username and password fields with your CPanel account given to you from your instructor.

Double-click on "Faculty" to enter that directory. 

Do the same for the Hearn directory. 

Drag and drop a file you created into the Cyberduck window on top of the handin directory.