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Granting Permission for Bomgar on macOS 10.15 ("Catalina")

  1. Once you double click the application within the disk image window, you may see this warning. Please click "Open" to proceed.
  2. You will now see the window that is pictured below.  Stay tuned for a moment as we connect with you.
  3. At this point, we will begin our remote assistance. However, Apple has built security measures into macOS that will require you to adjust some settings first. The following steps will guide you through these adjustments, so that the Bomgar software will be permitted to run without issue. Please follow along carefully in order to avoid any complication arising from Bomgar configuration errors.

  4. These configuration steps begin with the window pictured below. This is Bomgar requesting permission to transmit your screen's view so that we can see what you see (only during this remote session). Please click "Open System Preferences" at this point.
  5. You will see System Preferences launch as pictured below. Please click the checkbox next to "Remote Support Customer Client" to enable this critical functionality. (Rest assured, this access is automatically removed at the end)
  6. After clicking that checkbox, the System Preferences application will show the dialogue window pictured below. Please click "Quit Now" in that window, and it will proceed to automatically quit the newly-enabled Bomgar software, followed by both automatically re-launching the software and reconnecting to our active session, so that we can begin assisting you. (Note: this step is very important, you must click "Quit Now" to avoid subsequent complications)

  7. The next permission that Bomgar will request is for "Accessibility" control, as pictured below. Click "Open System Preferences" when you see this dialogue window.

  8. When System Preferences opens as seen below, please click the padlock icon at the bottom left, and then enter your Mac user account password to authenticate when asked.

  9. Once you've "unlocked" that padlock as directed above, please click the checkbox next to "Remote Support Customer Client" to enable access, as indicated below

  10. The final step of configuring Bomgar's required permissions is likely to involve this final dialogue window, as pictured below. If you see this window appear, please enter your Mac user account password and click OK. 

    If you do not see this window appear during our session, do not be alarmed. This window simply refers to Bomgar's ability that allows us to make administrator-level changes, which is not always a requirement.
  11. That's it! We should now be able to assist your Mac without issue.

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