Cloud Storage: OneDrive

The term "cloud" in this sense effectively refers to online storage that is managed by companies that you have to register a user account with, and can then begin to upload your data into your own "private" space. OneDrive is one such offering, and it is managed by Microsoft.

This page is here to provide a guide for the OneDrive software, as this enables automatic synchronization of files and folders between your Mac and OneDrive cloud storage.


Licensing Information

As an active student or employee, your Sheridan user account has a Microsoft OneDrive account provisioned already, with 1TB of cloud storage space. 


Download and Installation

To install Microsoft OneDrive software for automatic sync,

    1. Please visit this link: click here
    2. Once installed, it will ask for you to sign in with an email address
    3. Type your full Sheridan email address 
    4. When prompted by Sheridan SSO,
      type your Sheridan username and password
    5. It will (by default) set up a folder within your computer's home user folder
      This subfolder is named "OneDrive - Sheridan College" by default
    6. That's it; from now on, everything stored in that folder and via your OneDrive web interface will get synchronized as long as you're connected to the internet


Helpful Links

Here are some resources to aid in your OneDrive usage:



If you have any issue with any of the requirements or instructions,
please contact us directly by emailing