Microsoft Office
Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.


Licensing Information

As an active student or employee, your Sheridan user account has Microsoft Office licensing provisioned already. 


Download and Installation

To install Microsoft Office software,

    1. Please visit this link: click here
    2. Scroll down to "Office suite (without Teams)"
    3. Click "Install package"

note: This is a direct link to Microsoft. AppsAnywhere is an alternative.


Microsoft Sign-In



Your Microsoft sign-in experience (for classroom workstations and personal devices) is as follows:




  1. When the Microsoft sign-on interface shows, enter your Sheridan email address ( 
  2. As soon as you proceed to enter a password, the Microsoft sign-in window will automatically flip to the Sheridan Single Sign On (SSO) interface
  3. Enter your Sheridan username & your Sheridan password
  4. That's it!



If you have any issue with any of the requirements or instructions,
please contact us directly by emailing