"Don't do it!"


Never opt for any "speed up your Mac" tools!
These sorts of applications are generally all malware that in fact cause more harm than good, in our experience.




Malware Bytes


If your Mac is performing poorly for any reason whatsoever, we recommend that you use one singular piece of software to solve the problem. Malware Bytes. 

This is a free application for unlimited manual scans of your Mac. The "premium" paid option is only needed if you'd like real-time scanning in the background at all times. We highly recommend sticking with the "free" option and simply making a point of running the scan occasionally, or when you feel there might be an issue that is deserving of a quick check-up.



To download and install Malware Bytes software, please visit this link:

click here



If you have an issue that Malware Bytes is not resolving,
please contact us directly by emailing mactech@sheridancollege.ca