Autodesk gives free educational licensing for most of their products, such as AutoCAD for Mac.


Getting an Educational Account

You will need an Autodesk account in order to access Autodesk software. We suggest using your full Sheridan email address ( when setting up your Autodesk account. To create your Autodesk account, please visit this webpage:

create an Autodesk educational account

For information on verifying eligibility, click here.

Getting Licenses for Autodesk titles

Once you've signed into your educational account with Autodesk, you can acquire your licenses for their various titles through the link below. This is also where you will be able to download the installers for each Autodesk title, such as AutoCAD for Mac.

get educational licenses for Autodesk titles


Quicklink: AutoCAD

To install AutoCAD on your personal device,
please visit either link:

click here for Mac / click here for Windows

(note: for the 2019/2020 academic year, Sheridan uses 2019 AutoCAD software)


Quicklink: Fusion 360

To install Fusion 360 on your personal device,
please visit this link:

click here


Windows-based Autodesk titles

If you use a personal Mac device and happen to need an Autodesk title that is only available on Windows (such as Revit), please visit this link:

click here



If you have any issue with any of the requirements or instructions,
please contact us directly by emailing