Microsoft Authenticator
2-Step Verification, with ease



This is a free application that makes the Sheridan 2-step sign-on process much easier. No more typing verification codes! 

Download, Installation, Configuration

To install Microsoft Office (incl. Teams),

    1. Please visit this link: click here 
    2. Once installed, launch the app on your mobile device
    3. Choose "Login with Work / School" account type
    4. Enter your Sheridan email account as: "yourusername@shernet.sheridancollege.ca"
    5. Enter your Sheridan password

Usage Going Forward



Your sign-in experience going forward will now be very fluid -- just choose "Microsoft Authenticator" when prompted during sign-on. Your phone will then notify you to "Approve" or "Deny" -- and that will swiftly get you through the login check. 



If you have any issue with any of the requirements or instructions,
please contact us directly by emailing mactech@sheridancollege.ca