Never opt for any "speed up your Mac" software titles

macbooster.pngYes, there is malware on the Mac platform nowadays. Oddly enough, a lot of it comes from applications that promise to "fix" your Mac in different ways. These programs* tend to cause more harm than good, in our experience. If your Mac is performing poorly for any reason, do not look any further than this page right here as a first-step in troubleshooting. If this still doesn't fix the issue(s), please contact us!
* examples: MacKeeper, MacBooster, TuneupMyMac


Never leave your laptop in your vehicle



Threats include excessive heat, excessive cold, and theft. Don't set your Apple device up to be a victim!




Never leave your seat without... 


...having someone keep an eye on your laptop! 
Theft, accidental damage by someone nearby.. anything could happen, in such a brief span of time. We've heard all sorts of tales; don't allow for another!



Never use Windex on your screen or keyboard



Most home cleaning products will damage your screen. Our cleaning solution of choice is this one, so much so that we use it on all of our Mac devices at the college! Combine it with a standard (clean) microfibre cloth, and you're set.




Don’t squeeze your MacBook into a bag or backpack


Squeezing causes screens to crack and warp. As notebooks have become so thin in an effort to improve their portability, this has not helped them from a "durability" standpoint. Be mindful!



Don't risk dropping your MacBook



In our experience, the most common cause of damage to a MacBook is impact. Keep this in mind when handling your MacBook. Additionally, you may choose to opt for a shell or sleeve to protect against minor incidents.



Don't wrap your power adapter too tight

The cable will fray eventually, and become a hazard to you and your device. A lot of current goes through your charger, so be sure to replace it once the damage is done. It's never worth damaging the Apple device or worse -- hurting yourself.



Don’t Purchase Third Party Chargers


There is clear reasoning for the pricing on Apple's device chargers. Expensive design and complex electronics go into the creation of these adapters, in the effort to not only charge your device as quickly as possible, but to also ensure that this happens in a manner that is safe for both you and your Apple device. We've seen far too many third party chargers cause serious damage to Apple devices over the years. It's just not worth it! Always buy chargers from Apple, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need specific advice.