Protect your files!


Back-up your Mac and any external drive(s) you have. Like they say: you don't know what you have.. until it's gone. Data loss happens more often than you think. Check out our dedicated page for backup tips and tricks!


Look after your Mac charger



Power Adapters are often stolen, and they also all look identical. So write your initials / info in permanent marker on yours to identify it! A brand new replacement charger is typically going to cost you no less than $50, and in some cases over $100!


Keep your drink a safe distance away!

liquid.pngLiquid can instantly kill your Mac! 

            • If you spill something, unplug your Mac's power cable and shut down your MacBook immediately and see a technologist
            • Do not attempt to prematurely test your Mac before first allowing it to dry. Give it at least 48 hours to dry. We often suggest 5 full days.
            • If you have a recent-year MacBook (2016+), please be aware that it will automatically power-on when you simply open the lid, no power button required.         


Turn off your Bluetooth if you don’t need it.


Unless you're using a wireless mouse, odds are that it's merely a waste of battery life and may leave your system insecure.



Give your Mac a password for your user account 


Your Mac is home for all sorts of important and private content, so keep it secure! If you haven't already, set a password for your Mac user account: open "System Preferences" and click "Users & Groups" 



Keep your MacBook cool

thermal.jpgPortable Macs are no longer referred to as "laptops" for several reasons, perhaps the strongest being that they can be too hot for your lap. As they have become powerhouses for serious productivity, they tend to get very hot when under load (eg. video editing). To allow proper ventilation and prevent damage, run your laptop on a tabletop or flat surface. 


Close your bag first!



Before moving on to your next destination, always be sure to fasten (zip / buckle / etc) your bag shut. An alarming number of accidental damage and theft cases are linked to this simple yet critical task.