Important Do's

  • Consider getting a lock
    Kensington Combo Saver locks are $34.95 at the Apple Store
  • Power Adapters are often stolen, and they also all look identical
    So write your initials / info in permanent marker on yours to identify it!
           MacBook_MagSafePowerAdapter_PT_SCREEN1.png = $79
  • Liquid can instantly kill your Mac - so keep your drink a safe distance away!
    If you spill something, unplug your power and shut down your MacBook immediately and see a Technologist
  • Turn off your Bluetooth if you don’t need it.
    It is a waste of battery life and may leave your system insecure 
  • Give your Mac a password for your user account (if you haven't already)
  • Keep your MacBook cool
    Try to run your laptop on a tabletop or flat surface