discounts shown here are guaranteed for online purchases only.


Buying new...

While there are many ways you can buy a Mac, Sheridan offers the best option when buying new. The "Sheridan" education discount is even better than Apple's standard education discount, and can be taken advantage of at any point during your time at Sheridan. Simply click the link below, login with your Sheridan credentials, and the Apple store will automatically display the lowest pricing available for all products.


In-Store versus Online

In-store purchasing can be done with Apple's standard educational pricing at any physical Apple Store. However, Sheridan's extended Apple discounting is only guaranteed for online purchases through this link.


Portable versus Desktop

While today's portable Mac computers ("notebooks") are indeed very powerful, it might still be worth asking yourself if you need the portability. If you don't truly need portability, then it's possible that a desktop Mac (eg. Mac mini / iMac / iMac Pro / Mac Pro) might be a better "fit" for your needs and budget. Desktop computers generally tend to offer better performance and larger screens. With many of the "iMac" (not iMac Pro) models, you tend to get higher level of performance for the same price (or less) than a MacBook Pro. Last, but definitely not least: Sheridan's specialized education discount pricing applies to desktop Mac computers, too!



If you have any questions or concerns about what to buy, we'd be happy to help. Please contact us directly by emailing