Mactechs operate the 3D printers in AA1E. Please speak with a Mactech if you'd like to see your 3D print in process.

3D Print ETA
Depending on the size of your print, it could take 3-4 business days to receive and class projects may take a bit longer. Prints may also be grouped together, as such prints may take longer than the suggested print time in 3D software.

Printer malfunction will not be charged to you. 

Build corruption, incorrect scaling, and incorrectly formed builds will be charged to you.
Please use your software's preview to ensure you are printing what you desire.


Printing accounts (FAAD Papercut) must have funds in it to print.  Fill out the form on this site along with payment and return it to a Mac Tech (AA1E) to credit your papercut account.

Please submit your *.STL file via this website mactech.sheridanc.on.ca/fabrication/submit/   

.STL files must be submitted with every request, you may optionally include the build file for the printer you would like to use.  If that printer is busy, under maintenance or otherwise unavailable your print may be redirected to another printer.

You will be emailed with a overall cost of your print job and the availability of the printer you requested.  Respond with approval to have that amount charge to your account and approve the printer you wish to use.

Large jobs may take up to 95 hours to print, and cost in the hundreds of dollars. Please be aware of the size of your print and verify the dimensions if it is for an assignment. You must have your job scaled to it's final print size and indicate whether your dimensions are in mm or in inches.


3D printing is charged at $0.75/g
Payments can only be made with the Papercut system. Please download the form below.

Payment Form
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