Info about large format scanners found in classrooms at the Trafalgar campus.

Product Manual: click here


To use the scanner:

  1. Sign in on the Mac that it is connected to (via USB)
  2. Ensure that the Epson scanner is turned on (power button on the front-left)
  3. Open "Image Capture" in the dock (or via Spotlight at the top right)
  4. Click "EPSON EXPRESSION 12000XL" under "DEVICES"
    Note: If you do not see it listed.. check that the scanner's USB cable is connected
  5. Click "Show Details" if you want advanced control of the scan settings
  6. It is highly suggested that you set it to save your scan to the WorkDisk, and then copy from there to a desired location afterward


Normal Mode:


"Show Details" mode (advanced):